How to Keep Your Classic Car Safe

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If you own a classic car then it’s likely one of your treasured possessions.

This being the case you want to take any steps you can to keep it safe and secure.

With this in mind below are some of the best tips for keeping your classic car safe.

Park it securely 

One of the best ways to ensure that your classic car isn’t targeted by thieves or vandals is to park it securely when it’s not in use. Due to their high value and potential for attracting the wrong type of attention, it’s highly recommended that you keep your classic car in a locked garage. Failing this you should at least have a driveway to keep your car on. Parking a classic car on the street is far from ideal as it greatly increases the chances of it being broken into.

You should make sure that wherever your car is parked, it’s not easy for passers by to see it. Blinds are an excellent way to provide more privacy. You can get bifold blinds or other types of blinds if you want to add more privacy to your home/garage.

Make your home secure

Thieves will sometimes attempt to get keys from the inside of a house, particularly where valuable cars are concerned. For this reason, you should take steps to reduce this risk. Getting blinds installed on windows or any folding doors in your house is a good idea. Sites like Blinds For Bifolds have many different types of blinds, including the blinds 4 bifolds venetian range.

Get the right cover

Another important aspect of protecting a classic car is to have the right type of insurance. Because classic cars typically don’t have a set market value, it’s important to get cover from a specialist provider and get something known as an ‘agreed valuation policy’. As the name would suggest – this is where you and your insurance provider agree on a fair value for the vehicle that you’d be paid if it were written off or stolen.

You can also get a limited mileage policy if you only use your car sparingly. This is a very good way to save money on insurance.

Get an immobiliser

Immobiliser are very affordable yet effective devices that can help to keep a classic car safe from thieves. They work by disabling certain aspects of the engine so that it’s close to impossible for anyone to start the car unless they have a key. Many modern cars come with an immobiliser as standard but with a classic car you’ll almost certainly have to have one fitted unless the previous owner already did.

Get a GPS tracker 

In the event that your car was stolen, the most realistic way that you’d be able to recover if is it you had a GPS tracker installed. You can buy GPS trackers relatively inexpensively and they’re an invaluable investment if you want to keep your classic car safe.

Source: Fleet Insurance